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The rosy forecast for the Russian village

The Russian scientists E. Krylatych and S. Strokov have presented the 50 years forecast of the innovative development of the agricultural complex . The changes will include selection, genetics, environment. The research will be continued by practical application of genetically modified products . New varieties and hybrids resistible against harmful conditions diseases and pests will be introduced. The ray-wheat hybrid - triticale offers resistance against frost and plant diseases and yields 100 hundredweights/ha crop. Great perspectives have resources paring technologies minimizing losses during storage, transportation and processing of agricultural products. The milk will be enriched trough vitamin and mineral premixes.

In the filed of biotechnology the microcapsulation technologies will play a remarkable role. The technology enables to obtain bulk powders when processing raw materials . The 100nm particles are dissipated in wax securing thus the high level of microcapsulated goods consumption.

The bioenergetics will experience an intensive development. Biofuel will be produced of maize, cane sugar, vegetable oil, as well as of the so called second generation resources such as resources of plant origin with large cellulose content. The use of ¼ of agricultural wastes will secure 7% of world energy. Innovative breakthroughs are linked with 3 interactive goals of the agricultural complex: securing nutrition security, saving of resources, ecological and social welfare of rural territories.


Дата:  10.11.2009


Thanks for sharing. What a paleurse to read!

Thanks for sharing. What a paleurse to read!, 30.07.2011 01:44:16

In awe of that aswenr! Really cool!

In awe of that aswenr! Really cool!, 24.04.2011 18:10:44

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