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EurasiaBio'2010 is pleased to provide EBD Group's acclaimed online partnering system, partneringONE. You are encouraged to participate in pre-arranging one to one meetings using the online facility. Only meeting requests which are accepted will be scheduled, ensuring you only have meetings that both sides want.

Click here for the partnering system 


EBD will guide you through the partnering process with a series of email updates and reminders. Essentially, you will be invited to:

Profile: Start by profiling your company and products.

Search and Request: When the full system is launched in early March, you can search through everyone else's profiles and request your meetings.

Availability: Denote when you are available for partnering meetings.

Responses: You will not be sent emails for every change in your account. Log in regularly to check for incoming messages and requests. It is courteous to respond promptly to incoming requests.

Scheduling: EBD will schedule all agreed meetings, based on the availability of all participants, using powerful algorithms to ensure everyone has the maximum possible number of meetings over the course of the event.

Your Personal Agenda: Your preliminary schedule will be available a week before the event, will then be updated daily, and you can print out a final schedule when you arrive at the event.

Contact If you have any questions concerning profiling or partnering, please contact the partnering administrator Philipp Dormeier,  or +49 89 23 88 756 42.

What is Partnering?

This page explains a little about the purpose and process of partnering at business conferences.

"Partnering" refers to the organization of one-to-one meetings between two companies for mutual benefit. The meetings take place at a gathering, usually a conference or summit. Partnering, facilitated at EurasiaBio by EBD Group's effective on-line partnering system partneringONE, is the most efficient way to meet the right people for your company's collaboration aims. New collaborations can include a variety of businesses: business partners, customers, suppliers, government and academic organizations, or investors. Smart businesses also use partnering opportunities to foster existing partnerships and strengthen important relationships.

Partnering is a process, often starting weeks before an event, but new companies can join in at any time. After registering, the first step is to enter a detailed company profile. partneringONE makes this easy, allowing you to enter as much or as little information as you want about your products, technologies, research projects, partnering aims, and licensing opportunities.

These profiles fuel the second stage of partnering, as companies identify potential partnering candidates. With partneringONE's flexible search engine, profiles can be searched for keywords, specific companies, delegates, as well as licensing opportunities. Bookmarking companies of interest allows you to return to your shortlisted results at a later date.

After identifying possible collaborators, the third stage of effective partnering is requesting a meeting. This can be done from either your Bookmark list, or directly from your search results. Just as you will request meetings with companies you have identified, other companies will be requesting meetings with you. It is key at this point to monitor your Message Centre almost daily, accepting those requests which are of interest and declining those you would like to pass up. Accepting meetings is easily done, by clicking on the green [Accept] button on the message. You can select who from your company will participate in the meeting.

The only thing left to do prior to the event is to designate your availability on your Agenda page if you will be unavailable for meetings due to travel, a speaking or presenting slot, or for any other reason. The system does the rest, scheduling time and place, allowing rescheduling requests if your availability changes, all of which is closely monitored by dedicated EBD Group support staff, who ensure that as many of your meetings take place as possible.

Whoever you decide to meet with, the most productive one-to-ones are those which are well prepared for. Do some research on the new company you will be meeting, or brush up on recent highlights of a long-standing partner. The time spent face-to-face will be more productive and your efforts more effective if you have the background information ready to hand. Partnering meetings are scheduled in 25 minute slots, so keep presentations less than 10 minutes to leave time for discussion and questions.

So join us at EurasiaBio'2010 to build new partnerships and expand your personal network!



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